Homemade Avocado Milkshake

I love drinking avocado milkshake and have been making my own. It’s great to make my own milkshake because I can determine the sweetness and how thick or watery I want my milkshake to be.

A hateful issue about avocados is, it’s hard to determine when is the right time to actually eat them! I found a video recently, and it teaches you exactly that! Here’s the link.

Personally, I like it thick and sweet. So here’s the list of ingredients I normally use:

2 avocados
2 1/4 cups of low fat fresh milk (I use F&N Magnolia)
2 tablespoon of condensed milk

A blender

Serves 2

There’s a trick to cutting of avocado, here’s a video on it.

What you need to do is cut the avocados and place them in the blender, next add in the fresh milk and condensed milk and switch on the blender. And your milkshake is done!



If you would like your avocado milkshake to be not as thick, simply add more milk. Maybe try 3 cups. You can also try full cream milk, I prefer them but the smell of the milk stands out (not that I mind:D)

Normally those fruit juice stalls out there only use half an avocado for a cup of milkshake, and a little of evaporated or full cream fresh milk, with sugar or maple syrup or both. Then they add lots of ice to make up the volume, lol. If not, they serve u ice blend, so technically it’s still diluting it. Then they sell u at $2.60 – $4 a cup. Zzz… I always feel cheated.

An avocado from the supermarket only costs $1.20 to $1.40 each. Giant sells at $1.20 each and Fairprice at $3.95 for 3. Cold storage sells it at a higher price so I don’t really buy from them. Two 1L Magnolia milk cost $5.95. I can find a can of condensed milk at less than $1 and can last me for very long. Making my own avocado milkshake is much more worth it and satisfying, seriously.

One tip when shopping for avocado at your supermarket. NEVER buy the pre-packed ones! There are usually overly riped ones in the package. It’s not worth the money! Buy the ones individually displayed and handpick your avocados. I usually bulk buy different shades of green and leave it for a few days at home before eating them when they ripe.

Hope you find this helpful! 😀


Serial kid-producer reveals top 10 reasons not to have kids

Haha! This is funny! Love it!

Barb Taub

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

imgresI was lying awake last night, trying to memorize the feeling of everything being right with my family. We’re all healthy, happy, and remarkably satisfied with where we are in life at this exact moment. Even Child #4 has just taken her last ever Uni final, and pronounced herself ready to go off the family payroll.

A friend asked if I ever regretted having so many kids, or the time/money/everything that it took to raise them. She said her book club (having dispensed with the required 8.5 minutes of book-related discussion) were all talking about the reasons their grown children were not producing grandchildren.

That reminded me of this blast-from-the-past I wrote a few years ago.

Top 10 reasons not to have kids

There are actually LOTS of reasons not to have kids. As a serial kid-producer, I offer a revised list:

10. Vermin =…

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Awfully Chocolate Review

I have $90 worth of awfully chocolate gift vouchers which are expiring soon so I decided to use it up in one go. I bought a 6-inch All Chocolate cake, a 6-inch Chocolate Banana cake and a Chocolate Tiramisu which cost $34, $36 and $19.90 respectively.

This is my first try of the aforementioned awfully chocolate products. The other time was when my sister bought this Super Stacked Chocolate Cake which was SUPER sweet. I couldn’t eat more than 2 bites and I have to push the cake to my sister to finish it (since she bought it). I’m usually a fan of chocolate cake, but I’m not a fan of food too sweet. [I don’t like candies or too much caramel]

I don’t frequently eat chocolate cakes too because it sometimes meant having breakouts. The name awfully chocolate already gave me the impression that it would be overly rich in chocolate and it would mean being too sweet and heaty.

Awfully Chocolate Cake

I was in doubt when I picked the all chocolate cake because I was really afraid that it would turn out to be very sweet but the lady behind the counter assured that me it’s not sweet and it’s actually their best-seller. Turns out, the cake really isn’t THAT sweet. In fact, it’s the best I have tried. Though I said I’m a fan of chocolate cakes, I have really just eaten those chocolate cakes from those no name cake shops or the common bakeries like Four Leaves. I like the chocolate brownies from P.Osh but it’s too rich in chocolate (sweet and heaty) but the texture is good.

What the cake looks inside

What the cake looks inside

Slice of all chocolate cake

The all chocolate cake is moist and it’s really delicious! I love the chocolate coating around and can’t get enough of it. If only I don’t have to leave some for my sister and mum, I would have wolfed it down in one sitting. No joke! However much you eat, you won’t feel sick of it because sometimes when you had too much of something, it quickly leaves a bad taste even before you finished it but this just WON’T!

How the cake looks inside

How the cake looks inside

Pardon the bowl, it's a little kiddy.

Pardon the bowl, it’s a little kiddy.

The chocolate banana cake, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. Since I cut the cake in slices, I took a bite at the bottom of the cake (cake and banana) and it was horrible. The banana overpowered the chocolate cake and the taste of the banana was weird. It’s like jelly or something. It didn’t taste like banana, it just smell too much like a banana. I really like the chocolate cake but I couldn’t appreciate it at all with the banana smell. Don’t get me wrong, I like bananas and usually buy banana cake to eat for breakfast from Barcook Bakery.

Normally chocolate and banana is a good combi but sadly, not in this case. However, I found another way to eat it (I had to finish it since the rest of my family only like the all chocolate cake and took an instant dislike to the chocolate banana cake). It’s to just use a spoon, and scoop right from the top to the bottom so I get the chocolate, the chocolate cake and the banana all in one bite. There… It’s manageable.

Then there is the chocolate tiramisu. If I were to choose between their’s and Poulet’s tiramisu, it’s Poulet’s win. Because their tiramisu left me craving for more and I would definitely go back just to have another jar.

Awfully Chocolate's Tiramisu

The spoon given by Awfully Chocolate was short so I couldn’t stick the spoon very deeply into the jar so my first scoop was mostly the white cream on top. It was really sweet…. I didn’t like sweet stuff so it was a minus. But the middle portion wasn’t really sweet, so it kinda was a good blend with the top? The sponge finger was quite hard though, and tasteless. At the very bottom, there is a layer of chocolate cake. It tasted like cocoa and was unsweetened. So the top was sweet and the bottom is slightly on the bitter side… Maybe the right way to eat it is to just scoop from the to bottom in one go? But the short spoon made it hard for us to do that for our first few bites at least.

I can only say the all chocolate cake from awfully chocolate is really worth buying, but I can’t say the same for the rest…

Cleansers for Oily and Sensitive Skin

So I have a few reviews for some of the cleansers that I have used. I can’t remember all the cleansers that I have used since I have this problem skin for as long as I can remember. It kinda sucks for me because not all the cleansers for acne or oily skin type works for me because I have sensitive skin. My face gets red easily for no good reason on normal days too.

Cleansers are really of great importance to me because after a day, my face would be so oily that if I can’t wash it off and feel refreshed, I feel really uncomfortable. But there’s a problem. Usually, when people know that I have sensitive skin or that they see my face is red, they recommend cream-based cleansers… I got this ultra-soothing cleansers from a skin doctor which treats sensitive skin but has no effect on clearing my acne… I later found out that the cleanser is for dry skin type too…

Of course, cream based cleansers rids my face of the oil and dirt but I don’t feel refreshed.

Personally, I like gel based type of cleansers. I have tried the h2o plus aqualibrium marine cleansing gel and found it not bad. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photo since it has been some time since I have finished it and have thrown out the tube. I like it because it made my face feels totally clean, like it rids my face of all the oil while at the same time not leaving my face dry! My face doesn’t even feel tight after using it.

While I was still using the h2o plus cleansing gel, I went to Clinique to buy this emergency gel (acne solutions) to try it out, in hope that it will replace neo medrol since I don’t really like it (though it works well). At the time, there was a sale and it was much worth it to buy the complete set (anti-blemish solutions – In Singapore, there isn’t acne solutions).


I must say I don’t like foaming cleansers and wanted to change the cleanser to a gel based type. But I tried their gel based cleanser (from another series) on the back of my hand and found it too cooling, to the point of chilling. So I thought I would just stick to the foaming cleanser. I don’t hate it for a particular reason, it’s just I’m not used to it. Have been using cream based most of the time because I’m too trusting of those who are in that field of work.

This cleanser is quite good as it left me feeling refreshed and the skin cooled without the tightening of the skin. The peppermint wasn’t irritating for me even with sensitive skin. The cleanser has added benefits such as it contains BHA which is a good chemical exfoliater for oily skin type. But then again, the effect is minimal at best because it is rinsed from skin before it can penetrate into the pore lining, or so I heard.

The next cleanser I would be talking about is the one I’m currently using. I really would want to get over this one soon… because when I first used it, it left my face very chilled. I don’t like it as I think too cooling on an everyday basis is bad for the skin too.


This cleanser is from DrX, called Blemish Cleanser. I went to see the doctor at DrX and she recommended this. It is in gel form so I like it and it has the BHA which I look for in my skincare products. [But really, I don’t necessarily need it to be present in my cleanser since it won’t stay long on my skin to have much effect]

It’s a cleanser with all that I want BUT I think it contains too much peppermint or whatever it is that makes it cooling. Even after using it for 2 months, I could still feel the cooling sensation. When I use the Clinique foaming cleanser, I got used to the cooling sensation pretty quickly.

All in all, I must say I won’t be buying another bottle of that DrX cleanser and switch back to my unfinished bottle of Clinique.

Anime: Sword Art Online

I was having my driving lesson when my instructor and I got onto the topic of anime. He was quite surprised a girl would watch so many anime like Naruto, One piece, Tokyo Ghoul and so on. LOL! Then he asked me about Sword Art Online (SAO), which I said I haven’t watched it yet. He told me to watch it because I would like it if I already like shows like Naruto… He even went on to say because of this show, he went into gaming again. HAHA. I don’t play games but if the show could influence and inspire him, I guess the show isn’t too bad.

So I got home and immediately dived in- didn’t even read the summary.

The show basically revolves around gaming in the virtual world. What happened is the players in the game SAO are trapped in the virtual world and can’t log out. The only way they could log out is when they cleared the entire game (100 floors). But that’s not all, once you die in the virtual world, you die in reality too. The head gears the players wear in the real world will send microwave or something that would fry the brain I guess. Anyway, the players gotta fight to survive.

So the first few episodes are kinda exciting, lots of fighting and soul-searching. Then, came in the romance part…. I’m a fan of romance, of course BUT it quickly bored me:( And then one or two episodes were dedicated to ROMANCE ONLY scenes… OMG…. But then because it was still the first half of season one so I endured (which meant my rating for this show DROPPED) then the main character got summoned to the front lines again then we have the fighting.

BUT around halfway through the season, maybe ep 14/15 this SAO incident ended prematurely (they haven’t reached the 100th floor) thanks to the main character KIrito. I was like but there’s still another like 10 episodes to go? The next half of the season is actually about Kirito trying to save his girl Asuna. The setting is in another game ALO. Which is so-so, some fighting but not as exciting.

Well… there’s a second season so I try not to skip episodes in first season in case I missed something but I can say now that IT IS OKAY TO SKIP THAT NEXT HALF. There are new characters but they won’t appear in the main fight (GGO) of season two. Though there is season three to think about, I won’t say this half is important.

Season two is features another virtual game called Gun Gale Online (GGO) where mysterious death occurred. A man in cape was shouting something about justice in a bar in the virtual world and pointed his gun at the person on the TV. He shot at the screen then seconds later the player in the screen clutched at his chest and went disconnected. A few days later, his body was found in his apartment in the real world. He died of heart failure. It wasn’t uncommon for hard-core gamers to die of heart problems after long hours of logging in.

But there was another victim and the man in cape was involved in the same way.

So kirito was asked to ‘investigate’. And so the show. Quite fun BUT again GGO ended like in the first half of the season. The second half, if I had known, I guess I wouldn’t watch. LOL. There’s still fighting but not much. I practically skipped a large chunk. Kirito didn’t appear much too… [The setting here is back in ALO]

My rating: 3/5


I think season 3 is coming? That’s why the UWO. The picture above features only Kirito.


This is my favourite, SAO.

Wanting to learn social marketing

I’m turning 19 this September and there’s still more than a month’s time to starting my first year of university in August… In the meantime, I would like to pick up some skills in marketing, particularly social marketing.

So I read some blogs and listened to podcasts over the past month. I came across social media examiner and they really have lots of resources and articles that guide you through. I subscribed to their daily newsletter and read some that piqued my interest. As a beginner, if you try to read all, you will just get confused and overwhelmed and won’t know where to start! I enrolled into their social media marketing society after weeks of hesitation since I’m a total novice in this field and don’t know if the content could be understood by me and help me in creating an audience online for my dad’s business. But then I thought now or never, so I enrolled and got to know other people who are also new to social marketing and are learning. The people in there post thought inspiring questions and there are really helpful and knowledgeable people answering their questions. So what I did was just to read the forum and get ideas. I haven’t posed a question of my own yet as I am only still trying out a few actionable tips the past week. But I’m still glad I joined; as I come across other people’s struggles which are similar to my dad’s case and learn from the rest of the community of what solutions they might have. I have so much more to learn!

There’s also a blog post that made lots of sense to me, a beginner. I guess it’s the fundamental part of marketing. How to Use the World’s Simplest Idea for Darn Good Marketing My dad is launching another business where consumers get to customise t shirts with their selfie. It’s not a new idea and after reading that blog, I felt like there’s some brainstorming to do. There are competitors out there but what would make them come buy from us is actually the WHY my dad decided to do this business. Not so much of the what it is or the quality (though it is still important to have quality).

I think marketing is really fun, and hard too. But doesn’t it make it more interesting? Haha. If I had entered Business School, I’m sure I would specialise in marketing 😀

List of completed anime that you should watch

When I find an anime to watch, I normally find a completed series because I don’t like waiting and I could normally manage 50+ episodes in 2 to 3 days (during my holidays). But I usually don’t find out if there is a sequel, like a next season. Therefore, when I finally reach the finale, I was like ‘huh? that’s it? Is there a season 2? But where?’ Then I realise it’s not out yet… Unless it’s a show I really like (for eg Tokyo Ghoul), I would likely wait for it’s next season, but if it is just some anime that didn’t leave a deep impression, I really feel as if I have wasted my time watching season one because I won’t be catching up with their season two. I’m feeling strongly about this now because I just finished Akatsuki no Yona and there’s a season two…

I don’t particularly hate that anime but it had seemed similar to some stories I have read… It somehow reminded me of Alanna by Tamora Pierce, haha! Tokyo Ghoul left a deeper impression so there is more desire to see this anime series through.

The list below is not in order of preference:

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun:  This is a comedy with limited romance. It has only 12 episodes so it is quite short but the ending won’t leave you unsatisfied. It has a high school setting and you will love all characters in it. You really just gotta jump right in and watch this one and don’t read the plot, it’s just too good to be summarised.

Kuroko No Basuke: At this point of writing, its season 3 is not completed yet but it should be by next week or so. The story is about how a guy (who looks weak) aims to defeat 5 prodigies who were his schoolmate after they each entered a different high school. Honestly speaking, I started watching this not because I wanted to try a basketball anime but because my friend HIGHLY RECOMMENDED me to watch due to the pure hotness of the male characters. It’s true that they are hot (lol) but the plot is interesting and they really have some great moves. [Gintama made a parody and it cracked me up]

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: This is for anybody craving for a highschool romance with comedy. It’s short with 12 episodes but that is just the appropriate number of episodes, if not it’s just long winded. The story is about this girl who told a lie and now she needs the help of the prince of the school (prince as he is cool and nice). But he turns out to be a sadist. [By the way, I really like the opening song of this anime, haha]

Psychic Detective Yakumo: This show is about a college student named Yakumo who has the ability to see spirits with his left red eye and sometimes communicate with them. He spends his spare time winning money with fake card tricks, or just sleeping about. But, once in a while, he’ll take a spirit associated police case that has piqued his interest. This is a short one too with 13 episodes and has light romance.

Haikyuu: This is an anime about volleyball with a second season coming up I think. It’s hilarious and the first season doesn’t really end with a cliffhanger. The main character is a really small guy with great jumping power. Coincidentally, he got into the same highschool with a rival he met on court once during his middle school competition and now he had to work with him. It didn’t really work out at first but they make an amazing combi.

That’s all I have for now. Tell me your thoughts about my list or if you like the anime I have mentioned! 🙂 Looking forward to hear from you:)

My first visit to gardens by the bay – FREE ZONE

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

This is a throwback to 29 May 2015, my first visit to gardens by the bay though it’s been quite long since it’s built. I wanted to try the DSLR camera (I had never held one prior to this) and thought there should be many scenic photos to be taken there. I invited a friend with me and when we get there, INSTANT regret. Lol. It was around 11am and it was extremely sunny. The heat was especially unbearable when you first step out of the air-conditioned mrt station. But really, the heat is no joke because there won’t be sheltered walkway at some point and when the sun beats down on you, it’s like you are literally burning.

But that is SIngapore, HOT in many ways.

There was no wind and the fluffy clouds weren’t of any help because they are too far. I am sure an evening visit would have given a better experience…

But oh wells, because of the timing, I get to see really pretty and fluffy clouds which just set a stunning background for the singapore flyer. It was the first photo I took exiting the station, and we were super excited because we saw a very majestic view when we finally looked up from our insubstantial attempt in shielding ourselves from the sun  I don’t know about my photographic skills but at least it wasn’t a photo I can take with my smartphone considering the distance between gardens by the bay and the singapore flyer (if only the tree wasn’t in my way, it would have been perfect in my opinion).

Here are other photos I took:)



The clouds are really pretty, I think that is the main point here. Because the lighting for the other objects is the photo is bad…

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands


The crane just had to be there you know?


Then I took from another spot, but I didn’t really like it since I wanted a standalone, but I wasn’t going to find another spot under that hot sun, haha!

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

It had a jungle feel… Like the Madacasgar movie, haha that’s why I decided to take it.IMG_5152

Apparently that’s where people who pay an entrance fee will go to? I have no idea… I have only ventured the free zone, which was not much or so I heard. But it was enough for me:)


That’s all, as you can see, I didn’t stay there very long nor have I walked the entire free zone (I think).

Until next time! (I don’t think I would upload anymore scenic photos – this was a spur of the moment decision)